Desire Through Silence: A Float & Yoga Retreat Series

Becky Hammel of I am Project Warrior and Village along with Rebecca Sgambati, are collaborating to host Desire Through Silence, a retreat series at Peak Performance Float in Walnut Creek. The Desire Through Silence Retreats will be an opportunity to slow down, to go in silence, to recenter ourselves and regain focus on our desires.

“Silence is the dwelling place of the soul and that is where we go to listen, to tap into our desires and to remember who we are and who we want to become.”

In this fast paced, busy world we are intentionally creating the time and space to slow down, to quiet, and to go into noble silence. In the frazzled, fragmented and fast paced world we forget who we are and tend to get lost.  We lose sight of our desires and the work we are here to do.

This retreat is set up to lead us into silence to release, heal, and create bringing our desires back to the visible surface.

“In this ever-changing fast paced world it is vital that we connect back into the one constant: ourselves and our desires.” 

Float Retreat in Walnut Creek Release: This is our time to let go of what no longer serves us, to release the anchor that can hold us, and to surrender. The float tank provides the ideal environment for us to practice surrendering, completely letting go. Surrendering is the key that unlocks the door to grace, allowing us to live in flow. The float tank provides a safe environment to let go and release. Lay back in silence, in the dark and let the water support you as you float effortlessly and rest your mind and body. The healing waters of the float tank provide immense health benefits including: stress reduction, anxiety relief, sports recovery, pain relief, deep relaxation, reduced headaches, increased circulation, and more restful sleep.

You learn to meditate more easily as you lay in the dark, in the calm quiet and let go of what no longer serves you.                                

Heal: Yoga is a powerful tool that brings breath to movement and movement to breath, uniting our spirit and our body together. Using gentle movement, breath and journaling exercises to intentionally heal your body and retrain your breath. Learning this exercise will allow you to own your story, giving you the power to write your story, from a place of wholeness, with body, mind and spirit connected.

With guided meditation and movement you will feel whole and healed and in a place of knowing. 

Creative, Vision Boards

Create: To live is to create, to create is to be alive. Our bodies are designed to create. So often we are too busy doing and we forget the creating part – what do you really want to do? When you let go you can move forward, when you are healed you can create. Rediscover your inner artist, your inner child, who loved to fearlessly create and splash color, who would dance and delight in the creation and get lost in the process of it instead of the outcome. This retreat will come to a close, post float and yoga, with dinner and the art section of the retreat. Here we will do visions boards, play with art supplies and get lost in the process. It is here where we will tap into our desires from a place of wholeness and wellness to truly bring our desires to the visible surface.

Vision boards are a powerful tool to help us manifest our desires and to give us the roadmap for our path forward. 

After the retreat you will feel restored with a quiet and clear mind, a calm and at peace body with mind, body, and soul connected.  With your vision board in hand, new friends and tools to thrive, you are ready to enter back into this busy fast paced world.

Learn more about the Desire Through Silence Retreat Series then reserve your spot for one (or all!) of these dates:

  • June 28, 2019
  • July 26, 2019
  • August 23, 2019
  • September 20, 2019
  • November 15, 2019