Virtual Classes to Relieve Stress

virtual Classes to Relieve Stress

ENJOY our stress-reducing, quiet-time-inducing and feel-good activities for you and your loved ones BELOW!

Peak Performance Float & Wellness Center is dedicated to helping you get through this challenging time period and helping you to learn new stress relief strategies and techniques along the way. We are here for you. We appreciate you. Keep doing your best to make this beautiful community vibrant and well – we know it’s not easy, but we believe in you!
The replays of our complimentary virtual class series are available for you to use at your convenience.  Please see below for the recorded classes; we recommend viewing on a computer or laptop for the best experience.
Corinne Yoga teacher at Peak Performance Float

Restorative Yoga

Corrine Guichard is a lifelong lover of movement and mindfulness; yoga has helped her cultivate peace and strength in both body and mind. This class combines gentle vinyasa movement and yin restorative postures to allow you to leave your week behind, and ground and center you for the upcoming days.  Learn the beauty of acceptance, intention, and find the ability to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Julian Tai Chi instruction

Tai Chi

Julian Rose believes that having fun and not taking yourself too seriously is a good way to approach tai chi — and life. What is tai chi? For Julian, it’s simply a relaxed way of responding to whatever life throws at you – literally and figuratively. This tai chi is a stress-free entry point into the system of principles, movements, and breathing techniques which prepare our minds and bodies to allow the relaxed response. It’s a great class for absolute beginners, regardless of physical ability and age.  Expect to practice some gentle movements and learn how to incorporate simple concepts into our daily routines to improve mental clarity and reduce stress.

Debra Beath-work

BreathWork & meditation

Debra Ramsey has been studying meditation throughout her life. Take a break and rejuvenate!  In this class, we create space for you to let go of any stress, worries, or deadlines. We will practice breathing exercises and meditation. Our aim is to help you enter your afternoon relaxed and energized, ready to cultivate focus and productivity in your professional and personal life. All levels welcome.

Happy Becky Hammel

Upbeat Yoga

Becky Hammel is the founder of Most Contagious Smile and Village. She is also the facilitator of the Restoration Retreats at Peak Performance Float and Wellness Center. This Upbeat Yoga class incorporates principles of Vinyasa. You will flow through a combination of traditional Sun Salutations and a sequence of poses linking conscious breath with dynamic movement. You will build energy as you flow, while also finding balance and fun in your practice. Every class will be unique as it explores a different theme or intention. This class is open to all levels of students.

We love your ideas so please call me at 925-899-8776 or email me at with your thoughts on what other types of support would be helpful to you during this time.

Did you miss a class? Don’t worry! You can view previous classes at any time.

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