What is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy in Walnut Creek

What is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy is a highly effective technique for improving physical and mental health.

Placed in suspended gravity, protected from light, noise and sensory inputs, float therapy provides complete relaxation of the body and mind to aid in a variety of healing processes.

Floating weightless in warm, salty water frees the mind from distraction and elicits a deep relaxation response that accelerates the body’s own healing and recovery processes. Each float tank has 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt so you float effortlessly on top of the water taking all the pressure off your back and joints. 

The water is skin temperature, and so relaxing that you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. You absorb the magnesium through your skin which calms the nervous system and enhances your body’s natural ability to heal. The deep relaxation state you are able to access reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels. With less pain and more relaxation, you are also able to sleep better. 

If you have sports injuries, chronic pain, anxiety or depression, or just want to relax, we encourage you to try float therapy! Sessions are 60, 75, or 90 minutes, where you start is completely up to you.


Floating helps reduce levels of stress related hormones such as cortisol, ACT-H and epinephrine.  Studies confirm that flotation is more effective at reducing stress than other popular methods such as relaxation exercises, biofeedback or relaxing on the couch.

Blood pressure decreases and remains reduced after repeated sessions. Muscle relaxation occurs, joint swelling is reduced, blood flow increases and the body’s immune system is enhanced.  

Floating is helpful to those affected by sports injuries, muscle soreness, chronic pain, depression and anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, autism, post traumatic stress disorder, and many other conditions.

Research has shown that floating can be used to aid in weight reduction, smoking cessation, and recovering from addictions.

Learn More About Floating

Watch Peak Performance Float Owner, Rebecca Sgambati, present the benefits of float therapy to a professional business organization.

Floating Benefits

Flotation therapy is gaining global attention as a remedy for a myriad of physical and mental issues including stress relief, pain relief and improved sleep. Floating can also counter muscle soreness, sports injuries, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, PTSD, and more.

Some call it the ultimate mood regulator, encouraging a deep meditative state that decreases cortisol levels and encourages the release of endorphins. Others consider it to be the most effective way possible to achieve complete focus, boosting concentration, creativity and problem solving skills.

Like a shortcut to a distant place, floating provides a path to a deep meditative state that opens the door to numerous mental and physical benefits.

Enhance Athletic PeRformance

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float

Floating has proven to be so beneficial for athletes that top sports organizations like the New England Patriots and World Champion Chicago Cubs have added float tanks to their locker rooms.  

  • Alleviate Sore Muscles & Joints
  • Remove Lactic Acid Quickly
  • Enhance Ability to Visualize
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Prevent Injury

Here’s a closer look at some teams using float therapy on a regular basis to improve their game!

New England Patriots Use Float Therapy in Quest for Super Bowl Win

Golden State Warrior’s Secret Weapon

Chicago Cubs New Facility Includes Float Therapy


Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float

Floating can help you live your best life!

  • Lower Stress
  • Alleviate Back & Joint Pain
  • Reduce Insomnia
  • Elevate Mood
  • Fight Inflammation
  • Detoxify the Body
  • Stimulate Creativity & Innovation

Improve Well-Being

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float

Floating has been proved to improve a number of physical conditions.

Famous Floaters

Floating is on the cutting edge of helping people take their performance to the next level. The popularity of float therapy has grown exponentially over the past five years. Floating has become a mainstay among professional athletes, Hollywood sensations, and many more.

Some famous floaters that have publicly shared their practice of floating:

  • Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry
  • New England Patriots – Tom Brady
  • Houston Texans – JJ Watt
  • Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson
  • Oakland Raiders – Tyrell Adams
  • Manchester United – Wayne Rooney
  • Olympic Gold Medalist – Carl Lewis
  • Comedian & UFC Commentator – Joe Rogan
  • Actress – Kristen Wiig

First Time Floater?

Watch this interview with owner, Rebecca Sgambati, to learn the more about float therapy at Peak Performance Float.


Float therapy is also known by the clinical name of R.E.S.T., or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy.  “Flotation Therapy”, “Isolation Therapy,” and “Sensory Deprivation Therapy” are common ways to refer to floating.

Peak Performance Float welcomes youth ages 14 and up, young adults, adults, and active seniors. Children ages 8 to 14 are welcome with a parent.

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