The Quiet Mind Float

Can’t Switch Off in a Float? Worried You’ll be Distracted by Your Busy Mind? Not To Worry, NOW You Can Leave Your Racing Anxious Mind at the Door with No Effort!   We are super excited to let you know that your float therapy sessions now come with our high fidelity audio headset with brainwave […]


WHAT KIND OF RESULTS COULD YOU EXPERIENCE WITH CONTOUR LIGHT? Check out our interview with Michelle where she shares her Contour Light experience and her amazing results. She lost 14+ inches!!! Congratulations Michelle and thank you so much for sharing. ūüôā How did you learn about Contour Light? I had been coming here for a […]

As featured on KPIX

Once a week, Fallon Collings slips into a sensory deprivation tank to tune out the world. The sound-proof pod is filled with water saturated with 1,000 lbs. of Epsom salt, allowing her float effortlessly. “All the stress that I hold in my neck and my shoulders it all just melts away,” she said. Watch Fallon‚Äôs […]

Float Your Way to Better Health this Flu Season.

In light of the coronavirus, we‚Äôd like to take this chance to highlight why now is an even more important time to schedule your float: Immunity. Despite your best efforts, there will always be that one unavoidable time where the body is exposed to¬†some¬†germ or virus. This makes having a strong immune system as important […]

My Float Story – What’s Yours?

What keeps you coming back to float?  What helps you stick with your float routine? We want to feature you and share your stories.  Would you like to share how floating has helped you?  Stress relief?  Pain relief?  Insomnia Relief?  Recovery?  Fibromyalgia?  Fertility?  PTSD?  My primary reasons for sticking to my float routine are meditation […]

How Vision Boards Uncovered a 20-year Old Desire

Everyone has desires but sometimes the distractions of the daily grind and attending to what we think we are supposed to do can keep us from manifesting them. What are your desires? Would you like them to become your reality? Some desires are buried so far beneath the surface of our subconscious that we have […]

Desire Through Silence: A Float & Yoga Retreat Series

Becky Hammel of I am Project Warrior and Village along with Rebecca Sgambati, are collaborating to host Desire Through Silence, a retreat series at Peak Performance Float in Walnut Creek. The Desire Through Silence Retreats will be an opportunity to slow down, to go in silence, to recenter ourselves and regain focus on our desires. […]

Natural Healing Option for Pain Relief

Float Therapy Offers a Natural Healing and Treatment Option for Pain Relief From traffic to childcare and deadlines, the demands of modern life are an assault on the system, making it hard to perform at our best. Peak Performance Float delivers¬†relaxation with ROI.¬†Floating free from distraction in zero gravity, is a research-backed way to relieve […]

Train Harder and Recover Faster

College Athletics Find Float Therapy Enhances Performance. Prominent Division I athletic programs are turning to float therapy to improve both the physical and mental performance of their highest level student-athletes. Through their own research-based findings, they have discovered that floating has positive impacts across all aspects of their athlete‚Äôs performance. Bob Mangine, M. Ed., PT, […]

Cumulative Benefits of Floating

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Establishing¬†a regular float routine is the best way to¬†maximize the¬†physical and mental benefits of floating. While studies show that even an individual float session can have a positive impact by reducing stress, sharpening focus, shortening recovery time, and helping your body heal, to maximize the health benefits of […]

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