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Float tanks at Peak Performance Float


At our wellness center, you’ll have multiple options for your floating experience. Each of the three environments maximize relaxation in slightly different ways. Whether you go with the float room, float pod or new float orb, you’ll be suspended in zero gravity with the door, light and music* (available in the pod & orb) all under your control. Not sure which experience you prefer? Find your oasis with our 3-Float Package! Each float option is in a private room with its own shower.

Float Pod

Float Pod in Walnut Creek

The easy-lift lid welcomes you spaciously into the pod. Depending on your preference, float with the pod open or pull down the slow-close lid for total disconnection. Thanks to rear ventilation, you will experience a continuous flow of fresh air and comfortable levels of heat and humidity. Soft light and relaxing music are also an option in the pod.

Interior Size:  

Length: 85 inches 

Width: 55 inches

Float Orb

The Revolution Float Orb is our most spacious pod. At 8’8” interior float length, the Orb is the perfect enclosed experience for those 6’2’’ or taller! Although we recommend total sensory disconnection, soft light and relaxing music are available in the Orb.

Interior Size:

Length: 104 inches

Width: 57 inches

Float Room

Float Room in Walnut Creek

Enter our room within a room through large glass doors with a low, easy-access threshold (14” step). The room is perfect for taller guests and anyone concerned with feeling constrained in a pod. Tall enough to stand upright and set with precise air temperature control, our most spacious enclosure welcomes you to comfortable relaxation.

Interior Size:

Length:   96 inches

Width: 54 inches


Float pods, float rooms, and the float orb all contain an Epsom salt water solution, more buoyant than the Dead Sea. The 180 gallons of water contain over 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt precisely warmed to 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  

The water is 10 inches deep. Not too deep, but just deep enough to allow for a safe and comforting float for all body types.  As you relax horizontally, your body will gently float upon the surface of the water.

First Time Floating?

Please plan to check-in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time for detailed instruction before you float. Each float starts and ends with a shower inside your private room. We request that you remove make-up as well as hair products and body lotions before you float. Once you begin, music (in the pod & orb), light and door remain under your control


The water is completely filtered four times between each use, utilizing ultra violet filtrationozone sanitation and hydrogen peroxide. This combined filtration system removes bacteria and other possible contaminants.


In-room: towels, robe, earplugs, neck pillow, vaseline (for scratches and scrapes), contact case and solution, make-up wipes, Q-tip, shampoo/conditioner and body wash.

Available in restroom: lotion, deodorant, hair dryers, hair products, earwash, combs, Q-tips.

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