Floating Experience

Floating Experience

Float with us

Peak Performance Float offers multiple options when it comes to floating. Our float spa is designed to maximize your relaxation through three different floating environments. While each offers a similar experience, you may find that you prefer one over the other. Whether you are in a float room, float pod or the new float orb, the door, light and music (available in the float pods and orb) are all under your control. If you are not sure which experience you may like best, try them all and see which one you prefer!  

Float Pod

float pod walnut creek

The easy-lift, pivoting lid allows for a spacious and inviting entry into the pod.  Depending on your preference, you will be able to leave the lid open or pull the lid down for total disconnection. Our float pods have a spacious rear ventilation gap to allow fresh air inside, preventing the build up of heat or humidity. If you generally tend to feel warm or hot, then you will want to try the float pods or float orb.

The float pod has been engineered so that an adult can kneel comfortably in the pod with the lid in the closed position. Although we recommend the quiet dark as the best experience, the float pod is equipped with relaxing music and even allows you to connect your own music or guided meditation. Each float pod is set in a private room with its own shower. Our Evolution Float Pods are manufactured in the USA by Superior Float Tanks.


Interior Size:  

Length: 85 inches 

Width: 55 inches

Float Orb

Float orb - Walnut Creek

The Revolution Float Orb has the largest interior float pod space!  At 8’8” interior float length, the Orb is even longer than commercial float rooms. The Orb has a low step in threshold and larger side opening lid for easier entry and exit of the pod. Floating in the Orb will make even the largest athlete feel comfortable. If you are 6’4” or taller and would like a float pod like experience, then the float orb is for you.

Although we recommend the quiet dark as the best experience, the float orb is equipped with relaxing music and even allows you to connect your own music or guided meditation. The float orb is set in a private room with its own shower.


Interior Size:

Length: 104 inches

Width: 57 inches

Float Room

float room

Like a room within a room, our float rooms are accessible through a large glass walk-in door with a low 14″ threshold, making them easy for anyone to access. If you think that you might feel a bit constrained in a pod, think you may be claustrophobic, or you are 6’4” or taller, then our float rooms may be a good fit for you. 

Upon entering, you are able to stand upright (although when you float you will be laying down on top of the water) in the float room with the door closed. The spacious and welcoming enclosure provides total sensory disconnection. The unique design prevents condensation accumulation while maintaining precise air temperature control.  If you generally tend to feel cold, then you will want to try the float rooms. Each float room is set in a private room with its own shower.  Our float rooms are manufactured in the USA by Wave Float Rooms.


Interior Size:

Length:   96 inches

Width: 54 inches

floating experience


Float pods, float rooms, and the new float orb all contain an Epsom salt water solution, more buoyant than the Dead Sea. The 180 gallons of water contain over 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt precisely warmed to 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  

The water is 10″ deep.  Not too deep, but just deep enough to allow for a safe and comforting float for all body types.  

The water is completely filtered four times between each use, utilizing ultra violet filtration, ozone sanitation and hydrogen peroxide. This combined filtration system removes bacteria and other possible contaminants.

First Time Floating?

Plan to arrive and check-in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled float to receive personal instruction prior to beginning your session.

Inside your private float room, you will first take a brief shower to remove shampoos and lotions. We request you also remove any residual make-up. Before entering the recovery tank, you will put in your earplugs, grab a neck pillow if you like, and cover any scratches or scrapes with Vaseline. If you wear contact lenses, we will have a case and solution for you to store them during your float session.

Once you’ve entered the recovery tank, you are in complete control of the music, lights and door.

When your session is over, a quiet announcement will let you know that your float time has come to a close.  Shower briefly after your float to remove residual Epsom salt solution and you are ready to go.  Fresh towels and a robe await you.

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