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Restoration RETREAT In Walnut Creek

Once a season, Peak Performance invites you to step off life’s conveyor belt and restore your sense of purpose. When was the last time you were peaceful and quiet while you were awake? Stillness and silence are the doors to rediscover what makes us come alive.

“Clarity comes from stillness the same way confusion comes from chaos”

Our restoration retreat invites you to that stillness through float, yoga and meditation. Gentle yoga with live music is an experience to remember! Then, with that new found clarity, the evening concludes with an opportunity to put that vision to paper. The result is a renewed sense of calm, purpose and inspiration for everyday life.

Retreat Details

Where: Walnut Creek

When: Quarterly Friday evenings at 5pm

Duration: 5½ hours

Silence? Yes, total relaxation for your voice and mind

Investment: $249

What is included:

Welcome Circle
90-minute float*
Yoga with Live Music
Guided Meditation
Healthy, Vegetarian Dinner
Vision Boards
Closing Circle

*discover the mind and body benefits of floating

2022 Retreat Dates

Coming Soon

Hosts & Testimonials

Rebecca Sgambati, Foudnder Peak Performance Float

Rebecca Sgambati

Founder, Peak Performance Float, Inc.

“This retreat runs hand in hand with why I started PPF: to help people transform from a busy life to their best life. Our goal should be not just to live but to live with a purpose and a passion. Floating is my way of helping people find their passions.”

Becky Hammel

Becky Hammel

Found, I Am Project Warrior and Village

Through her work with I am Project Warrior and Village, Becky helps guide extraordinary individuals on the path of becoming the greatest projects you can ever work on — you!

space is limiteD.


Each Restoration Retreat can only accommodate 10 people. Space will fill up fast, so make the commitment to yourself to join us as we explore true silence.

“When you let go you can move forward, when you are healed you can create. It is here we tap into our desires from a place of wholeness and wellness to truly bring them to the visible surface.”

Retreat Center Peak Performance Float

The top Retreat Center in Walnut Creek, California.

Peak Performance Float retreats:​

  • Top Retreat Center in the East Bay.

  • Offering the best activities needed for relaxation such as floating, yoga and vision boarding.

  • Best silent retreat in the Bay Area and only silent retreat in Walnut Creek.

  • Highly reviewed program specializing in rejuvenation and health.

  • Individualized vision boards that helps with rediscovering passions and goals.

  • Custom experience to create the most relaxing and stress free experience possible.

  • Exceptionally nice staff that prioritizes the guest’s needs and crafts a stress free environment.

  • Receives five star reviews and praise for its unique voiceless retreats.

  • Relax, Recover and Restore at one of our popular retreats!

311 Lennon Lane, Suite A  

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Located in Shadelands


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