Rebecca Sgambati and Becky Hammel
Becky Hammel of I am Project Warrior and Village along with Rebecca Sgambati, are collaborating to host Desire Through Silence, a retreat series at Peak Performance Float in Walnut Creek. The Desire Through Silence Retreats will be an opportunity to slow down, to go in silence, to recenter ourselves and […]

Desire Through Silence: A Float & Yoga Retreat Series

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float
One of the questions we are asked regularly is “how often should I float”?  The short answer is that it differs for everyone and really depends on the individual.  Some people float once a month, some float once a week, and others float multiple times per week.  Here are some […]

How Often Should I Float?

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float
Ever wondered how professional basketball stars like Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, and Harrison Barnes wind down to relax their minds and bodies? Well, they float of course! Watch this recent Kasier Permanente commercial featuring Stephen Curry and his floating experience.  

Float Like the Pros Do!

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float
W H Y    F L O A T  ?   Elevate Your Personal Performance – Live Healthier Be Happier Elevate Performance Float therapy helps you reach your peak physical and mental performance.  Benefits include expedited healing and recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation, relaxation response, neuromuscular programming, enhanced creativity, mental practice through visualization, […]