About Us

About Us

Peak Performance Float opened it’s doors in June of 2017 as Walnut Creek’s first and only float center. We are committed to helping our community reach and achieve their peak mental and physical performance levels through float therapy.  With six private float rooms and float pods, we look forward to introducing this amazing experience to the East Bay.

The concept for Peak Performance Float, Inc. was sparked from watching an ESPN segment covering Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors and their reliance on a post game ritual of float therapy for both physical and mental recovery. Having been through physical therapy and injury rehabilitation a number of times, my husband and I decided to give it a try.  

The result proved to be life changing. When we floated for the first time, we realized it was such a powerful tool for physical and mental recovery that should be shared with people from all walks of life.

After researching the science behind floating, we learned how such complex and powerful results can be achieved through a simple act. It’s not surprising that the float therapy industry has been growing exponentially since 2010.

My husband has successfully owned and operated a small business in California for the past 30+ years, providing outstanding customer service to his clients. He has been very involved in sports his entire life. I have worked 20+ years in a technically complex manufacturing environment and executive management and engineering roles, and have always maintained my passion for wellness as a former college athlete.

Opening a float center was the perfect way to tap into our collective business experience while simultaneously allowing us to share our passion for wellness.

We are truly excited by the opportunity to help people in the greater Walnut Creek and surrounding areas live happier and healthier at the top of their games, and to achieve their peak performance in all aspects of their lives.


Rebecca & Dave Sgambati

Dave and Rebecca Sgambati, Peak Performance Float Walnut Creek

311 Lennon Lane, Suite A  Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Located in Shadelands


Monday:  12pm – 8pm
Tuesday:  Closed
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Thursday:  12pm – 8pm
Friday:  12pm – 10pm
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PeakFloat.com – 925-899-8776

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