Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Add float therapy to your wellness program 

Peak Performance Float offers workplace wellness programs that maintain healthy, productive teams and help create positive work environments.  

Wellness benefits come in many shapes and sizes and can include a broad range of healthcare initiatives, from nutritional advice to exercise programs and beyond. To be successful, wellness programs must complement your company’s mission and offer benefits with real value to your employees.

Float therapy is a truly unique experience with a range of wellness benefits for both the floater and their company. Performance improvement, serious stress relief and increased focus are just the beginning.  


A healthy employee is a happy employee. And happy employees make for a much better work environment. Floaters know it and studies have shown it. Float therapy significantly improves mood and contributes to a healthy mind and body. It’s been called the “Floaters High” — achieving the deep meditative theta state where elevated endorphin levels fuel a higher level of happiness.


As we head further into a day and age where we are over-connected and constantly over-stimulated, the float tank offers an incredibly valuable escape. Floating eliminates virtually all sensory inputs, and in doing so creates a peaceful calmness that might just be impossible to replicate. The result is an elusive, state of disconnection where the mind and body are balanced, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Many factors can affect a person’s health and well-being. Whether it’s a common cold, ongoing stress or a major ailment, any of these could result in an employee taking time off work. Floating benefits span across both mind and body offering a complete wellness activity to address possible health issues from a proactive standpoint. Deterring ailments and increasing immune system function can significantly reduce the amount of time taken off work.   


Small changes in lifestyle can significantly influence overall health and wellbeing.  The addition of floating to a wellness routine can be the spark needed to activate positive behaviors that lead your employees to healthier lives. The characteristics of healthy employees mirror the benefits experienced by floaters. Healthy employees are present, more focused and able to concentrate fully on their work. Energy levels are higher, output is increased and the employee and your company are more productive and able to consistently perform at your peak.  


Not all companies have the resources to offer a round the clock cafeteria or unlimited paid time off. Very often, it’s the small but meaningful inclusions in the benefit program that make the difference for the employee. The addition of floating to a wellness program lets your employees know that the company is taking steps to ensure their health and wellbeing and this in turn generates significant loyalty. Turnover is costly. Recruiting can be daunting. Replacing knowledge takes time and is taxing on the rest of your team. The small steps you take today to earn the loyalty of your employees can make a huge difference tomorrow.


Many people report that float therapy allows them to think more creatively with greater clarity and focus.  Like the athlete who floats for visualization benefits prior to a competition, today’s professional will be able to channel that focus towards preparedness and envisioning their goals. With every improvement in employee performance, your company will realize related improvements in overall performance.

Peak Performance Float can build an employee workplace wellness program with customized floating options to meet your company’s needs and goals. We work seamlessly with your staff to implement the program and look forward to being a part of your team’s health and wellness. Contact us today to see how a custom float program can benefit your company.  

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