Float Pricing

Float Pricing

Float Therapy in Walnut Creek

Plans & Pricing

First Float Happy Hour $49

New customers can take advantage of the “happy hour” 60-minute float on Wednesdays between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Limit one per customer.

Single Floats

Book your next session with our easy-to-access online system or give us a call to check availability.

60 Minute Float: $65

75 Minute Float: $77

90 Minute Float: $89

3 Float Pack

New to floating? We recommend starting with our 3 Float Intro Pack. Experience the full benefits of float therapy.

3 Float Pack: $149





Save up to 25% per float as a member! Monthly membership is $59 per month and includes one 60-minute float. Additional 60-minute floats only $49.

Monthly: $59 / month





Take advantage of the cumulative benefits of floating at the absolute best pricing.

Why Choose A Membership?

  • Save 10% on your first float each month and up to 25% on additional floats that month!
  • Enjoy unlimited discounted floats each month.
  • Bring a new friend to float for free every month after you have enjoyed your first 3 floats! (Must be first time floater)
  • No cost obligation so you can pause at any time.  
  • Members can share their membership with family and friends!

Plus, You can also…

  • Book your floats in advance to ensure the best scheduling and your desired frequency
  • Purchase unlimited discounted gift cards.
Float membership savings

Members save 10-25% per session each month. Monthly membership fee includes one 60-minute float. Book additional 60-minute floats for $49 each. Upgrade to a 75-minute float for an additional $10 or a 90-minute for additional $20. Unused floats rollover, never expire and are even shareable!

float membership bring a friend

Treat your friends to a floating experience! Members may bring a first-time floater to Peak Performance Float for FREE each month after you have enjoyed your first 3 floats! Please note that these floats must be used within each month and do not accrue.

Membership Discounts
  • 25% Discount on Light Therapy  Sessions
  • 25% Discount on Light Therapy Gift Cards
  • 10% Discount on Yoga Purchases
  • 10% Discount on Retreats
  • 10% Discount on Retail Products
Free Float Therapy

Refer 4 friends and enjoy a free float!

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float

How often you float each month is totally up to you! Whether it’s one time or 10 times, you decide. Memberships auto-renew and may be paused or cancelled at any time.

*All floats are shareable, but non-refundable.

**Booking 2 or more appointments requires a credit card to hold the reservations.

***24-hour advance notice is required to cancel or change a reservation. Insufficient notices to cancel or reschedule a reservation will incur a $25 fee.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Floating Benefits

The more you float, the more benefits you feel!

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float


During your first float you may need some time to get used to the unique environment.

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float


During your second float your mind and body are learning how to relax without gravity and stimulation.

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float

Let Go

Your mind and body completely let go in your third float allowing you to fully access the meditation benefits.

3 Float Intro Pack: $149

Save on 3 floats and experience the full benefits of float therapy.

Learn more about our Wellness Offerings

Harnesses the healing power of natural light.

Wellness Program | Red Light Therapy | Walnut Creek

Enjoy the restorative benefits of yoga.

Yoga Studio | Walnut Creek | Peak Performance Float

Half-day float-yoga-art retreats.

Yoga Studio | Walnut Creek | Peak Performance Float

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