Check out our interview with Michelle where she shares her Contour Light experience and her amazing results. She lost 14+ inches!!! Congratulations Michelle and thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

How did you learn about Contour Light?

I had been coming here for a number of months, using the float technology and the red light therapy technology. Then when you started to offer the contour light, I had done a lot of research on it, and decided to try the contour light. 

How frequent were your treatments?

So my first eight sessions, I came in twice a week. I’m on my next round and I’m continuing with once a week. 


What was your reaction to the initial results?

My initial result after the very first session, I lost, I believe, 1.8 inches in the first session. And I was really excited by that and energized by that. 


How did you feel after 9 sessions?

After my nine sessions when I was measured, I had lost over 14 inches in total. And if I was ecstatic after the first session, I was over the moon after my ninth session with that measurement. 


How do you feel after your most recent session?

I feel really great! I feel like this is just a wonderful piece of the regimen that I’ve been on, kind of this journey that I’ve been on, of taking better care of myself. And, you know, I’ve just experienced so many positive results. It really is not just the inches that I’m losing, but the overall impact of it. And I feel wonderful with it. 


Did you experience any other benefits?

I just find this to be an incredible supportive piece. From the psychological piece, it gives you a very good boost. You do see that immediate impact of the inches, but it also is really wonderful for my skin tone as I’ve been losing the inches, my skin is actually firmer and tighter, and it’s not just in my belly, it’s also in my face and my neck. My sleep pattern is better and the muscle recovery after physical activity because I’ve combined this with really good habits and exercise. And this has been wonderful for the muscle recovery as well. 


Any adviCe for others interested in contour light?

Try it! Try it because you won’t be sorry. You will feel so much better with this and you will have just a wonderful experience, and a way to really care for yourself and your body. And also, you know, the mental impact of the red light. I feel like it’s, it’s just a wonderful trifecta.