Floating Benefits

In light of the coronavirus, we’d like to take this chance to highlight why now is an even more important time to schedule your float: Immunity. Despite your best efforts, there will always be that one unavoidable time where the body is exposed to some germ or virus. This makes having a […]

Float Your Way to Better Health this Flu Season.

why try float therapy?
What keeps you coming back to float?  What helps you stick with your float routine? We want to feature you and share your stories.  Would you like to share how floating has helped you?  Stress relief?  Pain relief?  Insomnia Relief?  Recovery?  Fibromyalgia?  Fertility?  PTSD?  My primary reasons for sticking to […]

My Float Story – What’s Yours?

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float
Float Therapy Offers a Natural Healing and Treatment Option for Pain Relief From traffic to childcare and deadlines, the demands of modern life are an assault on the system, making it hard to perform at our best. Peak Performance Float delivers relaxation with ROI. Floating free from distraction in zero gravity, is […]

Natural Healing Option for Pain Relief

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float
Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Establishing a regular float routine is the best way to maximize the physical and mental benefits of floating. While studies show that even an individual float session can have a positive impact by reducing stress, sharpening focus, shortening recovery time, and helping your body heal, to […]

Cumulative Benefits of Floating

Float Therapy in Walnut Creek
How Often Should I Float? Discover the weekly float advantage! This is one of the questions we get asked regularly. For those seeking, stress, pain, or insomnia relief, we always recommend scheduling 1 float a week for 6 weeks to get started and discover the Weekly Float Advantage. The benefits of […]

How Often Should I Float?

Walnut Creek Wellness Center | Peak Performance Float
Floating Benefits What Can Floating Do For An Athlete? MIND: Neuro-muscular programming Visualization as effective as practice Elevated mood Increased serotonin Relaxation response Meditation Improved nerve function Magnesium absorption Sulphate absorption Regulate electrolytes BODY: Improve athletic performance Alleviate sore muscles and joints Recover from an intense workout Remove lactic acid […]

Floating Benefits