How Often Should I Float?

One of the questions we are asked regularly is “How Often Should I Float”?  

We recommend scheduling three floats in a three to five week period to get started if you are open to using float therapy to achieve your pain, stress, and/or insomnia relief goals.  The benefits of floating are definitely cumulative, both physically and mentally.  Once you get through your first three floats, we will work with you to determine the frequency recommended to meet your specific goals.  We want to help you feel and be your best everyday. 

What are the cumulative benefits of float therapy?

  • Optimizing the magnesium concentration in your body (Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate – did you know that magnesium is required for over 300 of your metabolic processes?) to help reduce stress, alleviate pain and inflammation, and improve sleep.
  • Giving your body a break from gravity – Floating takes all the pressure off  your back and joints which reduces pain and inflammation.
  • As you get more comfortable, your brain waves start to change from beta to theta during your float and you are eventually able to experience the benefits of meditation.

Why three floats?

When you arrive for your first float, we give you a lot of information.  We have you fill out our new client intake form, watch a short video, and then we introduce you to the specifics of your particular float tank to ensure you have a great first float.  For most people, floating is a completely new experience and you are largely trying to figure things out in your first float.  It is completely normal to think things like: wow this is weird, I am floating on top of the water like it is a bed and I don’t have to try to hold my body up.  Do I have the earplugs in correctly?  Am I doing this right?  Will I know when it ends?  Eventually, you relax and let go. 

You will likely have a great first float, but your second float is usually so much better.  You will be surprised at how much more quickly you relax in your second float because you know what to expect so you are able to achieve a greater level of disconnection.  By your third float, you will be really comfortable, relaxed and fully open to receive the total experience.  You will likely be shocked at how great your third float was and how much better it was than your second float.  This drastic improvement in float experience is real. 

Over the course of your first three floats you may experience a mild detox effect where you feel relaxed, but sleepy depending on the level of toxins in your body.  In subsequent floats, you will likely feel relaxed, but energized as the float experience brings your body back into balance, a state known as homeostasis.

What float frequency will work best for you?  We can customize a float program to help you achieve your goals.  Some people float once or twice a month, some float once a week, and others float multiple times per week.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Pain Relief – If you have chronic pain, you will see better results with multiple floats per week.  The ninety minute sessions will be your best choice to ensure that the positive effects of your float stay with you longer. If you are combining floating with other modalities like massage, chiropractic, or physical therapy, please let us know so we can coordinate your floats to provide optimal pain relief benefits.
  • Stress Relief – Are you looking to de-stress?  Once or twice a month may be the right float interval for you.  Do you have a high-pressure lifestyles and/or profession?  You may see bigger benefits by coming in once or even twice a week.  The float experience helps achieve a sense of calm and focus that is truly difficult to find in our daily lives. Incorporating regular float sessions into your wellness routine brings both relaxation and rejuvenation as well as focus, clarity and balance.  
  • Insomnia Relief – When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?  One float a week may be a great place to start until you have established a new sleep pattern and routine.  Then, once or twice a month may be adequate. Feeling and being your best each day starts with sleep.  If you are not sleeping well – whether you have trouble falling asleep or if you have trouble staying asleep, your body is not able to fully recharge.  Getting a full uninterrupted four hour sleep cycle is critical to allow your brain and body to heal at a cellular level each night. 
  • Recovery  Floating helps the body recover from intense activity, workouts and training.  It can be an effective way of reducing muscle soreness, improving circulation and helping muscles to repair and rebuild.  Experience a float “recovery workout” session every one to two weeks to see how it can help you. 
  • Performance – Mental preparedness is key in any sport.  Floating can be a very powerful tool for visualization and mental rehearsal.  It also improves focus and reduces anxiety.  Have a big competition coming up?  Schedule three or four float sessions early in your training to help you prepare and on the week of your race or competition, there is no better way to achieve your final state of readiness.

Our introductory 3-float special is a great way to get started and our membership makes it easy and convenient to float on a regular basis. Would you like learn more about the benefits of floating and our three different types of float tanks? Give us a call and we’ll help customize a float program for you!