W H Y    F L O A T  ?


Elevate Your Personal Performance — Live Healthier Be Happier

Elevate Performance

Float therapy helps you reach your peak physical and mental performance.  Benefits include expedited healing and recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation, relaxation response, neuromuscular programming, enhanced creativity, mental practice through visualization, and self exploration and awareness.  Check out our floating benefits page for more details and our who floats page for some famous floaters including athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, and artists.  Add floating to your routine to achieve your peak performance!

Live Healthier

Float therapy can take your health to the next level by inducing the relaxation response resulting in a lower stress level and reduced cortisol and epinephrine (“stress hormones”) production.  Absorption of magnesium and sulphate from the Epsom salt also play key roles towards a healthier life.  These are well documented game changers to improve your health.  Restore the body’s chemical and metabolic balance to enhance cognitive learning and memory, combat anxiety and depression, recharge your immune system, address abdominal fat gain and chronic fatigue, and reduce blood sugar and diabetes and hypertension risk.  Floating returns the body to its normal homeostatic state where you sleep better, have more energy, experience lower blood pressure and cholesterol, experience improved gastrointestinal system function, and increased serotonin production.  It can also provide relief from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, PTSD, autism, migraines, and pregnancy related symptoms.  Check out our floating benefits page for more details on how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.  Add floating to your life to live healthier!

Be Happier

Float therapy significantly improves your mood!  There are many research studies that consistently document this positive impact.  Floating allows even those who have difficulty with traditional meditation to achieve the deep meditative theta state.  Everyone can now enjoy the many positive effects of meditation.  Elevated dopamine and endorphin levels and pain relief are  also some of the reasons for achieving this higher level of happiness.  Check out our floating benefits page for more details on how to live a happier life.  Add floating to your life to live happier everyday!