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Christina_Reese yoga teacher at peak performance float

Christina Reese

Christina is a leader, teacher, and healer.  Going from film school to firefighting, to personal training and yoga, she now runs a kickboxing gym and shares her passion for yoga with anyone she can.  She was trained in San Diego in 2015, and has been teaching ever since.  Christina has always been a healer, but became a certified Reiki practitioner so she could share her gift with more people.  She enjoys combining Reiki and Yoga to bring you an even more grounding class.

Mary_Foriero_Patel yoga teacher at Peak Performance Float

Mary Foriero-Patel

Mary has always loved movement and music.  She grew up dancing and has practiced yoga for over 10 years.  She is registered with Yoga Alliance, has her 200 hour certification and is currently working on obtaining her 300 hour teacher training.  Mary’s classes focus on alignment and breath for any level to safely flow through.  Her intention is to help create connection and an inner peace that can be practiced on and off the mat.

Palina Cheung yoga teacher at peak performance float

Palina Cheung

Palina has been practicing yoga for 15 years and has always had a passion to teach and share her practice with others.  Yoga offers her the feeling of being grounded, and being on her mat always feels like she’s back home.  Her intention to share her love of yoga became a reality when she completed her 200-hour certification, where she found her authentic voice as a teacher.  Palina is a native San Franciscan but moved to the East Bay 6 years ago.  Palina is eager to see you in her next Vinyasa Flow class!

Kristen Kohs Walnut creek Yoga schedule

Kristin Kohs

Kristin Kohs studied massage therapy and health education and was certified by the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville in 2000.  By 2002 she received her Mat Pilates and Apparatus Pilates Certifications through The Physical Mind Institute.  

Kristin targeted her expertise toward Functional Movement and spent 7 years as a Rehabilitation Director/Therapist at a Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center in Walnut Creek which specialized in Functional Movement and Naturopathic Medicine.  

Over the years, Kristin has combined all her knowledge of massage therapy and movement services and created a system of techniques which she calls restorative bodywork.  It allows you to develop synergistic energy and restored movement you will enjoy for years to come.  

 In 2011, she opened The Sanctuary Holistic Healing Center, LLC and currently manages the massage department there.  Kristin has many skills which have allowed her to be successful in her career.  She provides communication and honesty to all those around her.  Kristin has a heightened intuitive touch and reads the body through her touch and has a keen eye for restricted movement.  She is caring, nurturing, compassionate, and understanding.  Kristin has had a wonderful exciting yet painful journey which led her to the life of alternative medicine.

Ashley Fiorilli yoga teacher peak performance float

Ashley Fiorilli

Since her teen years, Ashley developed a love of yoga and has personally practiced on and off since then. In 2018, she decided to deepen her own practice and understanding of yoga by completing her 200hr Teacher Training. Ashley is certified with Yoga Alliance. She holds a Ph.D. in International Psychology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Expanding her passion for teaching to yoga seemed like the next logical step to Ashley. She brings a calm and fun personality to her classes and looks forward to you sharing your practice with her.

Leslie Yoga teacher at Peak Performance Float in Walnut Creek

Leslie Ann Eisenberg

Leslie’s love of yoga began with a curiosity about raising her skill level in acroyoga. What she discovered along the way was greater peace in both body and mind. Now, after completing her 200 hour teacher training, Leslie’s intention is to give this gift to others. Leslie’s classes are accessible to all levels, with a focus on stress reduction.

Becky Hammel Yoga teach peak performance float

Becky Hammel

Becky Hammel is the founder of I am Project Warrior and Village.  She is also the facilitator of the Desire Through Silence Retreats at Peak Performance Float and Wellness Center.  Becky is a homeschooling Mom of three children, a Kansas native, dual American-British citizen, practicing herbalist, and lover of chocolate.

Corinne Yoga teacher at Peak Performance Float

Corinne Guichard

A lifelong lover of movement and mindfulness, Corinne took her first yoga class more than a decade ago. Since then, yoga has helped her cultivate peace and strength in both body and mind. After completing a 200-hour certification in Thailand, she spent the next year traveling and teaching yoga throughout Asia, in countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Corinne is also an aerial dance instructor and performer, a writer and editor, and a passionate outdoorswoman. Though her interests vary, she has found that the presence and balance of yoga are relevant to every aspect of her life.

Yoga teacher Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh

Coach Chris is an inspiring healer. Coach is a 500-RYT trained by Master Teachers Melanie Salvatore- August and Mynx Inatsugu. He recently retook the 200 Hour Teacher Training to sharpen his teaching skills. In 2014, Coach started the Yoga program at Campolindo High School (Moraga) where he has taught for 25 years. The program began with one class of 45 students and has grown to four classes of 45-50 students. Coach also holds a Teen Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Coach draws on his educational background (M.S. Anatomy and Physiology) incorporating aspects of anatomical and biomechanical skills into his teaching.

Yoga Teacher Christy Brown

Christy Brown

Christy has been teaching yoga and leading workshops throughout the East Bay since 2001.  Her passion for yoga was sparked in college, but her desire to learn and grow from the practice continues to evolve and expand.  A registered Yoga Alliance teacher, Christy also holds an M.A. in Consciousness Studies and is currently working towards her second Master’s degree in School Counseling.  For Christy, teaching is an opportunity to help her students to be free of mental chatter, to be present with what is, and to connect to that place of deep peace within. Her classes are a blend of pranayama (breath work), asana (postures), and meditation, with an emphasis on proper alignment.

Julian Rose Yoga Teacher

JUlian Rose

Julian believes that having fun and not taking yourself too seriously is a good way to approach tai chi – and life. The guiding principle of his practice is to: “sink the chi and raise the spirit.”  He is dedicated to preserving the classic principles of tai chi, while exploring the points of tangency those principles share with other meditative arts and philosophies.  A Bay Area native, Julian has been practicing tai chi for about ten years, studying with Jan Diepersloot and Mater Sam Tam. He found tai chi after a debilitating injury in high school left him without the use of his right leg. The slow gentle movements of tai chi, and the emphasis on balance through relaxation, helped Julian regain full use of his leg and discover a deep connection to the internal martial arts along the way. Julian lives in Benicia, is fluent in Japanese, and enjoys spending his free time with his 7-year-old daughter.

Able Romero Yoga instructor in Walnut Creek

Abel Romero

Abel is the newest yoga instructor at Peak Performance Float. He will be teaching “Yoga Fusion – Get to Know Your Butt”!

Rachel Lynch Yoga teacher at Peak Performance Float

Rachel Lynch

Rachel’s love of meditation and yoga began in high school.  One of her teachers ignited an interest in meditation and the feeling of peace and healing that it brought was something she’d never experienced anywhere else.  As she journeyed into adulthood, her passion for teaching brought her to the education system. She has been a math teacher and instructional coach for many years and her love of yoga and meditation has begun to integrate into her work.  She began practicing yoga daily and received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.  The program and her teachers guided her in finding her true light.  She has been using her teachings to share with others in hope of helping others find healing and peace.  She is a certified Theta Healing practitioner, an energy healing modality that allows immediate healing through the Theta brainwave.

Emilie Bers yoga teacher at peak performance float

Emilie Bers

Emilie is a born and raised California girl.  She found her love for yoga in LA after injuring herself while running.  Emilie returned home to the Bay Area last year and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in SF (Spring 2018) with Sarah Ezrin and is currently working towards her 500 hour Advanced Training with Melanie Salvatore August in Walnut Creek.  Yoga has always taught her that if you can slow down and get still, you can come back to your true Self and live a purposeful life!

Sue Laws yoga instructor Peak Performance float

Sue Laws

Sue brings a lifelong love of fitness to her teaching of over 3 years.  She combines her love of cardio exercise, strength training, Hatha, Pranayama & Restorative Yoga for a balanced approach to her classes.  Sue is AFAA certified, 200 RYT, multiple Restorative Yoga trainings with Judith Hanson Lasater, and currently she is working with her mentor Melanie Salvatore August toward becoming a 500 RYT.  She has been a long time student of Lakshmi (Angela) Norwood among many other Bay Area master trainers.  Thus giving her a wide range to draw from in her own teaching.

Grant Kiba yoga teacher at peak performance float

Grant Kiba

RYS200, AFFA Certified.  Grant is fascinated with the physical practice of the asanas, the transitions that link poses, and the feeling of moving efficiently in a practice.  The tradition that is yoga inspires change from within to affect those around us and ourselves in a positive way. What better adventure can there be?  He began his yoga journey in his early 50s with the reason of healing his body.  He had no idea that it would help heal his life.

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