Race Recovery

You earned it.

Nothing feels better after a race than a float! Professional athletes use float therapy for recovery and you can, too! Athletes of all shapes and sizes are utilizing float therapy to help them recover from high impact exercise and strenuous workouts. One of the reasons we founded Peak Performance Float so that our local athletic and wellness community can experience the benefits of floating.

Expedite Recovery Time

Alleviate Muscle Tension & Aches

Relieve Pain in back, Legs, Knees & Joints

Reduce Inflammation

Save $15 with your race bib!


Book a float online and bring in your race bib to save $15 of your 60-minute float!

This offer is valid for any race you participated in between May and September of 2018!  5k’s, Marathons, Color Runs, Tough Mudder’s?  Yep! They all qualify. Floater must show valid race bib and ID at check-in. Discount will be applied at front desk. One bib per offer please. Offer expires on September 22, 2018.


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what people are saying about FLoating

“Not only was it relaxing but my body aches and pains were gone by the time I was done.”  – Kat D

“This was an incredible experience. I thought I was going to be tired and groggy

afterward but came out in this refreshed, euphoric high and felt energized.”  – Tom B

“Peak Performance Float was one of the coolest experiences I have had in a while.”  – Cynthia P

“I felt like I was floating in space.”  – Angela H

How it works

Freed from gravity, touch, light and sound your body is able to redirect physical and mental energy to healing itself. The deep relaxation of floating resets the body’s metabolic balance, accelerating your post-race recovery from the effects of the pounding physical stress and activity.


Near Zero Gravity = Relief from Chronic Pain

Increased Blood Flow = Muscle Repair & Cell Recovery

Magnesium & Sulfate Absorption = Decreased Inflammation & Muscle Tension

Increased Serotonin & Endorphin Levels = Elevated Mood & Reduced Stress

Stimulus Removal = Increased Focus & Clarity

Some people call it sensory deprivation. we think its more like sensory acceleration.

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